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E-Business Process as Decision Support for Credit Analysis

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Simple definition of credit analysis is an analysis of records and financial affairs to determine the creditworthiness of a business. Credit analysis is the process of evaluating an applicant’s loan request or a corporation’s (The most common form of business organization, and one which is chartered by a state and given many legal rights as an entity separate from its owners). This form of business is characterized by the limited liability of its owners, the issuance of shares of easily transferable stock, and existence as a going concern. The process of becoming a corporation, call incorporation, gives the company separate legal standing from its owners and protects those owners from being personally liable in the event that the company is sued (a condition known as limited liability).

Incorporation also provides companies with a more flexible way to manage their ownership structure. In addition, there are different tax implications for corporations, although these can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. In these respects, corporations differ from sole proprietorships and limited partnerships.), debt (An amount owed to a person or organization for funds borrowed. Debt can be represented by a loan note, bond, mortgage or other form stating repayment terms and, if applicable, interest requirements. These different forms all imply intent to pay back an amount owed by a specific date, which is set forth in the repayment terms.), issue (A stock or bond which has been offered for sale by a corporation or government entity, usually through an underwriter or in a private placement.) in order to determine the likelihood that the borrower will live up to his/her obligations (Any debt, written promise, or duty).

Business Problem (Reducing Risk and Increasing Profitability)

Today’s banks and financial enterprises are struggling to reduce risk, improve profitability, and enhance their financial reporting capabilities. In order to accomplish these goals, these organizations must improve their credit analysis and risk management processes, utilizing solutions that incorporate accounting integrity, standardization, and packaged business user functionality.

By effectively integrating comprehensive financial modeling and analysis functionality into your business development, credit analysis, and risk/portfolio functions, you can increase productivity, reduce costs, improve risk profiles, and gain greater insight through enhanced reporting capabilities.

Solution (Improving the Credit Analysis and Risk Management Process)

Hyperion Corporate Credit Solution for Banking enables organizations to improve the efficiency of the entire credit process from origination to underwriting to risk management. By providing a single solution for spreading, forecasting, portfolio management, and compliance monitoring, Hyperion Credit Analysis for Banking increases portfolio profitability and reduces the risk profile.

Hyperion Corporate Credit Solution enables loan syndication participants to solve for underlying assumptions in submitted spreadsheet models and to automatically generate a dynamic model through back-solving capabilities. It provides the ability to analyze and monitor the most complex structured finance deals accurately and efficiently. The solution provides credit departments a standard methodology of evaluating individual credit applications, thereby increasing productivity, reducing costs, and minimizing risk to the bank for the following activities:

  • Origination
  • Underwriting
  • Credit Approval
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Loan Syndication

Hyperion Corporate Credit Solution delivers:

  • Packaged financial modeling with pre-built, fully integrated financial statements
  • Flexible customization of models by integrating company-specific variables
  • Scenario capabilities that facilitate credit analysis to fully explore a variety of operating assumptions with different financing alternatives
  • Links to Hyperion’s world-class business intelligence platform and financial applications

As part of Hyperion’s world-class suite of business performance management applications, Hyperion credit analysis for banking gives finance executives real-time information on alternative strategies, enabling them to analyze, evaluate, and choose the highest value strategic path to deliver continuous performance improvement.

E-Business Process Aspects:

  • Intelligent e-Business Systems
  • m-Business
  • e-Supply Chain Management & e-Logistics
  • e-Customer Relationship Management
  • e-Negotiation and e-Contracting
  • e-Security and Audit Management
  • e-Legal & Law
  • e-Payment
  • e-Business Design and Developments
  • e-Government
  • Applications, Case Studies & Best Practice in e-Business


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