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Competition for Space and Money Between Cars and People in Jakarta

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How would we create Jakarta if we had a magic wand? Be careful with the demands of the higher income groups: They rarely use the city. They only care for its roads, in order to drive from one private space to another. What is a sustainable city? Which is the most sustainable environment for a Galapagos iguana? For humans a “sustainable” habitat is the one most propitious for the realization of the human potential, for human happiness.


Polluting or clean, cars represent problems to urban quality of life. There is a competition for space and money between cars and people. Most of what destroys quality of life in modern cities results from trying to make more room for cars. Most of what provides joy and is memorable in a city are its pedestrian spaces. Cars are extremely recent in human history. When cars appeared we should have started to build a parallel road network: One for cars and the other exclusively pedestrian. Indonesian cities can still easily do it. Why not structure the Jakarta yet to be built around a pedestrian and bicycle street network hundreds or thousands of kilometers long? How would your quality of life improve with a 50 kilometer pedestrian and bicycle promenade a few blocks from your home?



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